Configuring Router

Configure ROOter after a Flash

When you initially upgrade your router to a ROOter you must reconfigure the router setting to match your needs. This step is not needed when upgrading to a new ROOter version if you had the Keep Settings box checked. If it was unchecked then you must reconfigure it again.

The following are some of the areas that need to be configured in order to make proper use of your ROOter.

Setting the Password

When you first access the web interface of the firmware you will be informed that no password has been set and you can log in without entering anything in the password field. For security, you should first set the password.

Click on the Go to password configuration… link and it will take you to the section where you can enter the new password.

Enter the password, confirm it and then click on Save and Apply in the lower right corner. Wait until the changes take place.

Setting the Router Time

At this point we can set the time in the router. Click on the System menu and on the System submenu.

Select the correct Time Zone from the dropdown box, click on Sync with Browser, then click on Save and Apply in the lower right corner. Wait for the changes to take place.

If you plan to use Scheduled Reboot it is critical that you set the Timezone and time correctly for your area. If you don't then the reboot will not take place at the correct time.

Setup the WiFi

The next thing that we have to setup is the security for the router's WiFi. Select the Network menu and the WiFi submenu.

By default, the WiFi is enabled and is encrypted. The default password used is 'rooter2017'. Click on the Edit button for the top wifi interface.

Edit this data to suit the requirements of your WiFi system. The ESSID entry is the name of the router, set by default to ROOter. Change this to the name you want to see when connecting to the router via wifi. Set Channel to the desired channel number and the Width to 20 or 40 MHz.

To set the security of the wireless network, select the Wireless Security tab. When you select an Encryption type other than No Encryption the page will expand to allow more data entry.

Fill in the necessary data and click on Save & Apply in the lower right corner. Wait until the changes are applied.

Set the Router IP Address

By default the ROOter firmware sets the router to have an IP Address of If you wish to change this to another address to avoid conflicts with other devices on your network, select the Network menu and the Interfaces submenu.

In the LAN row, click on the Edit button.

Change the IPv4 address to the IP Address you wish to assign to the router and click on Save & Apply in the bottom right corner. Wait for the changes to be applied.

Since the IP Address has been changed the web interface will stop working and continue to show that the changes are being applied. Wait for a few seconds and then change the URL on your web browser to the new IP Address of the router. You will then be able to log in again, this time using the new IP Address.