Bandwidth Monitoring


Per-Device Bandwidth Monitoring

Unless you have an unlimited bandwidth plan with you Provider you will want to know exactly how much bandwidth is being used every month and who is using it. ROOter has a per-device bandwidth monitor that can tell you just that. Go to the Services menu and the Bandwidth Monitoring submenu to activate this feature and see the data usage.

To activate the Bandwidth Monitor check the Enabled box and then click on Save&Apply. If your data plan has a time period when you are allowed unlimited bandwidth that does not apply to your total then you can set Unlimited Usage Available to Yes. You then set the start and end of the time period of free bandwidth and click on Save&Apply.

The data usage information is updated every 20 minutes. The data for 3 months is retained and displayed in the Data Usage area.

Devices that receive an IP Address from the router via DHCP will have their device name shown. Devices with a static IP Address will show as a *.