All about 5G: The next big thing after WiFi

All about 5G: The next big thing after WiFi

In the wireless technology networking world, 5G is the new buzzword. Simply speaking, it is the 5th generation of wireless technology. The 5th generation technology has been envisioned as bigger, faster, better.  5G architecture is built on a much higher next-generation technology plane with the premise to connect everything and everyone – people, buildings, cities, sensors, smartphones, robots, drones. As compared to the existing wireless technology, it will have higher data rates, reduced latency, higher capacity system, energy savings and cost reductions. It will bring new capabilities and create opportunities for society and business. Here is some of the excited chatter about 5G:

“Connected cars will shape the future of individual mobility, and next-generation mobile networks will take car‑to‑x connectivity to a new level.” – Alfons Pfaller, Head of Infotainment Development, AUDI AG

“The adoption of 5G will be even faster than what we saw on 4G, which was already fairly fast,” said Ignacio Contreras, Qualcomm’s director of marketing

“5G will be the post-smartphone era,” said Robert J. Topol, Intel’s general manager for 5G business and technology. “Phones are the first place to launch because [they’re] such an anchor in our lives from a connectivity standpoint.” 

“5G is one of those heralds, along with artificial intelligence, of this coming data age,” said Steve Koenig, senior director of market research for the Consumer Technology Association.

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